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Our Commitment

As professional translators we offer our translation services to you with promptness and best quality. Our primary area of expertise is translation for Immigration purposes, thus not limited to any other purposes.

Our story

DA Translations is a group formed by professional translators of different languages to offer the translation service to new immigrants or to people that have been in the country for a while and still need to translate their documents for any legal process.

Our translations are also accepted by Immigration Firms, English Schools and Colleges etc…

We guarantee a fast service at competitive prices with punctuality and above all, the highest quality. 

Daniela Ayala (Main Translator)

She arrived in Canada in 2000 and completed all her studies in the country. Today, she is a professional translator with many years of experience. She began her career in an interpretation and translation service agency in 2008. She graduated from York University in 2013 obtaining a BA with Honours in Hispanic Studies and Languages. Daniela translates from Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Italian to English. All of her clients are satisfied with her work. 

Our services

We translate the following legal documents:

● School and University Diplomas

● School and University Certificates 

● Transcripts

● Criminal Record Certificates 

● Pending Proceedings Certificates 

● Birth and Death Certificates 

● Marriage and Divorce Certificates

● Flyers 

● Personal Letters 

● Bank Statements 

● Passports (stamps and visas) 

● Identity Documents (ID Cards) 

● Reference Letters 

● Apostilles (Document Legalizations)

● Baptism Certificates

● Certifications

● Contracts

● Driver’s Licences 

The translation cost includes the certification and the delivery by regular mail. The client has the option of requesting an Xpress Post delivery with an extra fee of $15.00 for Ontario and $20.00 for any other Canadian province. Rush (urgent) translations offered upon request.

🍁 Canadian Policy 🍁

Translation of documents for Immigration Applications in Canada

If one of your documents is in a language other than English or French, you must also upload:

If a certified translator completed your translation:

  • the document must be stamped with the translator’s certification or registration number
  • you can indicate that you’re not providing an affidavit because a certified translator completed the translation (write a letter and scan it with your translated document)

Note: It is strongly advised to have the certified true copies of your documents first before having them translated.

* This was obtained from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) website. For more information, please visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/apply-permanent-residence/scan-upload-documents.html

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For a fast and no obligation quote send us your scanned documents to info@datranslations.ca 

DA Translations

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